what is atruesy nft?

NFT stands for “non-fungible token” - this is a fancy way of describing digital collectible that is provably, transparently scarce and whose ownership rights can be traced for all time on a blockchain. Think of NFTs as digital objects which can’t be copied.

TRUESY NFTs are collectibles, like artworks, permanently attached to the Tezos blockchain with the content stored on IPFS. They are designed to last forever.

Novel experiences

NFTs empower artists and creators to connect in new ways with their communities, collectors, and fans to breed new experiences. NFTs can be dynamic digital art, redeemable for real-world interactions or physical merch, or encode the rights to exclusive digital content and spaces.

Collectors and curators truly own their NFTs and can embed and showcase them within any environment, not just on TRUESY.

Deeper engagement

NFTs facilitate a deeper level of engagement that goes beyond a share or a like.

The peer-to-peer relationship between creator and collector through NFTs can help foster new landscapes of connection for creators, fans, and audiences.

Creative ownership

NFTs unlock new possibilities for artists and creators to share commissions, collect resale royalties, host and curate their own creations, and break down barriers created by legacy intermediaries.

Consumers want to experience creations that push boundaries. I’ve spent my entire life trying to push those boundaries. NFTs give creators the opportunity, and digital platforms like this give us the space to engage with people in new ways. I think NFTs will be around forever,”
— Imran Potato

But none of this matters if sustainability and innovation do not go hand in hand.

Embracing clean NFTs and energy-efficient networks can ensure that the impact in communities that stand to benefit the most is not offset by carbon consumption.

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