Underground Soul

Underground Soul

Room Service International
US$25 | 9.66 
Edition of 100

This NFT was created to share our love of travel, and how music has been the catalyst for us to explore mother earth, enabling us to give back and serve the communities on our journey. The sights and sounds and people and colors we encounter when we travel and how it connects us and brings us together.

Created by the Room Service International (RSI) team, Rahmi Halaby & Julio Galvez, exclusively for Truesy. Photography by Rahmi Halaby, Joshua Lang, TESIBE and The Whooligan.

Music: Humanity’s Universal Language
Music produced by The Whooligan.

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Music: Humanity’s Universal Language
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Heart of Dinner works to fight food insecurity and isolation experienced by Asian American seniors - two long standing community issues heightened by the pandemic.

Heart of Dinner now serves 1,500+ elders in Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens NYC, delivering weekly hot lunches, fresh produce, and bulk ingredients while supporting local small businesses during their COVID-related recovery process.

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