in bloom

in bloom

Alice Pasquini
US$750 | 285.58 
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Included with this NFT:
A 4.45” x 6.8” acrylic frame from Infinite Objects that displays this digital art, which is a video of the art evolving from a black and white line drawing to a full color digital painting.

I had a pretty intense year both personally and artistically, something between dream and frenzy. Things I was expecting for a long time happened suddenly and I feel like everything is blooming right now. It’s funny because the artwork itself is blooming while you’re watching it.

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More about the Infinite Objects frame
Infinite Objects lets you collect moving images, or “video prints”, to display in your home.

They believe that moving images should be appreciated the same way posters, prints, and photographs have been for decades; not just trapped in your phone and laptop, in your camera roll or on Youtube.

Frame specs
Small Acrylic: W4.45" x H6.8" x D0.9"

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