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What is Truesy?

TRUESY is a highly curated NFT marketplace featuring iconic work from personalities and brands at the intersection of fashion, art, music, sports, and technology. TRUESY makes transacting and participating in the digital Renaissance a truly enjoyable experience for creators, brands, and collectors.

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What is a Truesy NFT?

NFT stands for “non-fungible token” - this is a fancy way of describing digital collectible that is provably, transparently scarce and whose ownership rights can be traced for all time on a blockchain. Think of NFTs as digital objects which can’t be copied. TRUESY NFTs are collectibles, like artworks, permanently attached to the Tezos blockchain with the content stored on IPFS. They are designed to last forever. Unlike most early NFTs, they are eco-friendly because Tezos consumes 2,000,000x less energy than first-generation blockchains like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

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What is Kukai?

Kukai is a Tezos web wallet based on three principles: Security, Community and Reliability. When buying an NFT on Truesy, you authenticate or create a new Kukai wallet, which we send your NFTs to. Your Kukai wallet is yours and you can access it by using the same login method you used on Truesy.

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How do I transfer an NFT to another wallet?

Go to your collection and click on an NFT. Select transfer and enter the address of the Tezos wallet you wish to send the NFT to.

Why was I charged on my credit card but I don’t see my NFT?

Please allow 72 hours for your NFT to arrive. The more you buy on Truesy, the faster the NFTs will arrive, eventually appearing almost instantly.

Why does it take 3 days to receive my NFT?

Since we accept payment in credit card and transactions on the blockchain are permanent, we wait until our credit card processor tells us your charge is clear. The more you participate in Truesy the faster we receive the OK to send your NFT.

What is an "NFT airdrop"

In TRUESY, an NFT airdrop is typically a gift (or gifts) that artists and brands will offer as part of a promo around an NFT drop they're having (for ex. collect one NFT, and get an airdropped NFT).

When will I get my airdropped NFT?

If you qualify you for the promo, and your NFT purchase(s) are processed, TRUESY will send you an email or DM depending on what you used to login with, and let you know that we've "airdropped" or sent the NFT directly into your Tezos wallet. You'll be able to view it in the "My Collection" page on TRUESY. Typically, NFT airdrops happen a week from when you purchased the NFT(s), but may vary up to TRUESY's discretion.

Why can’t get a refund?

Transactions on the blockchain are permanent. Purchasing an NFT is a non-refundable transaction.

How can I be a Truesy artist?

Submit a sample of your work along with a short bio and links to [email protected]

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