What is Truesy?

TRUESY is a highly curated NFT marketplace featuring iconic work from personalities and brands at the intersection of fashion, art, music, sports, and technology. TRUESY makes transacting and participating in the Digital Renaissance a truly enjoyable experience for creators, brands, and collectors.

Truly curated

TRUESY partners with renowned artists, brands, and personalities who shape culture across the globe.

Truly yours

With TRUESY, your collection is truly yours. Yours to showcase, sell to other collectors, or even gift to friends.

Truly dynamic

TRUESY brings together creators and collectors of all mediums. This is why we’ve built TRUESY to support different collectible formats - including dynamic NFTs. Dynamic NFTs remain responsive to the creator’s input and can seamlessly evolve into the future

Truly responsible

TRUESY NFTs are minted on the eco-friendly Tezos blockchain, requiring 2,000,000 times less energy than NFTs minted on first-generation blockchains like Ethereum.

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